365 Days of Type
In order to improve my lettering, I decided to commit myself to a year of lettering. One piece a day, 365 times. This strict rule forced me to be productive, and squeeze out something presentable wether I felt inspired or not.
There were definitely times were I secretly skipped a day, but I made up for those by doing two the day after. Posting the pieces daily on Instagram was also a helpful way to hold myself accountable.
Every piece originated away from the computer. I tried to use as many different materials as possible from twigs to toothpaste. And even though many letterings did ended up as vector drawings, I learned a lot about different pens, markers and brushes.
In order to keep myself interested, I found myself exploring specific directions for a couple of weeks at a time and then move to a completely different style or technique.
After a year of lettering I was glad I could take a break. But looking back on all the things I've learned and the body of work it generated I can't do anything but recommend it.
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